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A collection of our best-tasting loaves made to be used for everything, from homemade sandwiches to french toast or simply on their own. Great for all occasions, you are sure to have the one you’re looking for.

Wheat Sandwich, Whole Wheat Sandwich, Brown Baguette, Hotdog Roll, Burger Bun, Hot Dog Large, Burger Large, Ciabatta, Pita Bread, English Muffin, Focaccia, Baguette Large, Baguette Small.

Our selection of gourmet bread comes in various types, intense flavors, unique sizes and textures. Come and taste, have these straight-from-the-bakery loaves right in your kitchen!

Multi Grain, Light Rye, Dark Rye, French Village, White Sourdough, Olive Bread, Ciabatta Sourdough, Bagel, Pretzel, Multi Roll/ Kraft Roll.

Healthier alternatives made with high quality ingredients, perfect pairing for every type of meals. We carefully prepare, bake and package a wide variety of breads that belong to different dietary groups.

Five Grain, Multi Malt, Kraftkorn, Wheat Sourdough, Seven Grain, Bavarian, Pain de Campagne, Rustic, Goldkorn, Coburg.

Nothing sweeter than this wide selection of perfectly baked rolls and buns enjoyed on sunny day. Our breads give you just a perfect balance with a hint of sweetness and tenderness in every bite.

Cinnamon Rolls, Plain Croissant, Choco Croissant, Raisin Danish, Small Croissant.